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Colorado Health Insurance
Individual & Family Health Insurance 
Open Enrollment 2021: 11.1.2023 - 1.15.2024

For individual and family health insurance in Colorado, trust Erickson Financial Services to provide a range of personal health insurance products.  These include health, dental, vision, life, disability, long-term-care, accident and critical illness plans.

Outside of the open enrollment period, one must have, and be able to show proof of, a special enrollment event.   Contact us to find out if your life changing event will open up a window of enrollment for you. 

We DO NOT Charge a Consultation Fee!
The cost of individual & family health insurance is the same whether you utilize an agent or broker, or deal directly with the insurance company or "Marketplace".

​Erickson Financial Services, Inc. makes every effort to help you find the most affordable health insurance in Colorado for yourself and your family.  We know there will be plenty of questions to be answered, and we are confident that our advice will be just what you need to help you find the best health insurance Colorado has to offer.

Small Business Health Insurance
For small business health insurance in Colorado, our service and support is unsurpassed.  We provide full administrative support, HR Tools, yearly reviews, and creative planning to offer the most comprehensive group health insurance benefits to your employees that you can afford.  After all, retention is key to productivity and profitability.  We are happy to provide references from our existing clients upon your request.

Large Group Health Insurance
Erickson Financial Services, Inc. is an excellent location to begin your research.  We provide comprehensive services for large groups, and everything you'll need to administer your large group health insurance benefits.  Our Onboarding and Online Benefit Management System streamlines the enrollment and benefit administration process for your company.  Ask us for a free demonstration!

If you are either self-employed with no employees, or do not offer benefits to your employees, Erickson Financial Services, Inc. will steer you in the right direction to find affordable self-employed health insurance benefits for yourself and your family.  Please contact us for information.
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